Memory Lane
Holly & Lou
Holly Garber and Lou Pfrang
Our Dynamic Duo of Comedy
If it isn't Dick Savage himself!  
Holly Garber, musician, funny man, father & friend.
We miss you dearly!
These are 4 pictures from
one wild night at Fatty's in
Rockville, MD
This was
at Durty
Nelly's in
Bethesda, MD.  
The years run
together, but
they were the
good ol' times,
that's for
sure!  All these
pictures were
from the same
night!!  We had
some pfun!!
Here I am with Holly & Lou at a New Years Eve at Durty
Nelly's.  Guess I don't have to tell you which one's Holly!  :)
I took this picture of Holly from the window
of the van while we were gassing up outside
of Davis, WV on the way to the Spelunker's
convention.  See the pretzel in his nose?  :)
If he could get
a laugh, nothing
was too
outrageous for
our Holly!  
Here he is,
bringing in the
New Year!!
This was my favorite picture taken with the boys.  We did a
wedding in Potomac, MD and someone snapped a picture from
the mezzanine above us.  I so loved working with them!
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It was October 31, 1996 when we lost our
beloved Holly to cancer.  It was kind of fitting
that he held on until that day.  Halloween was
his very favorite holiday.  His neighbors were
afraid he might not make it until Christmas
that year.  So all of them put their Christmas
lights out weeks before Halloween in support
of Holly.   A lot of us, when the spooky ghosts
and goblins come a-knocking at our doors,
have a strand of lights somewhere around,
just to say -- "Hiya, Holly!  We miss you,
and we remember you.
If you have any thoughts or picutres you'd like to share
on this page, please email them to me at the address below
and I'll post them for all the old gang to share!
How do YOU remember Holly?
Share your memories, or just make a comment... I'll post it here

I don't know why I did a search on Holly.  Maybe I was just thinking about the old days, around 1970, when 10-15 of us would go down to
Mr. Henry's at Tenley Circle to see the John Wells Delegation.  It was always a great time for us...good food, good drink, and great music!  
I always enjoyed watching Holly play the guitar, and the way he interacted with the band and the people; It was just a lot of fun.  

As time went on I guess the band broke up.  We missed those times of fun and enjoyment, the good music, and the familiar faces.  I
always considered Holly to be an outstanding musician who seemed to really enjoy what he did.  Years later I heard Holly was playing at
the Silo Inn.  I took my friend, JB, to see Holly play.  JB and I had a mutual friend by the name of Tim Zetts who also played a very good
guitar.  JB always considered Tim to be the best until he heard Holly play.  It was quite a compliment.  

I'm living in Wisconsin now.  I still think of the old days, and all the fun we had.  JB sent me an email recently letting me know that Tim had
passed away.  Maybe that is what triggered my search?  I can still picture Holly at Mr. Henry's playing the guitar with his microphone stand
with his big head of curly hair and a big smile on his face. Some memories never fade.  

Yours Truly,

Ward Burgess  
(received October 6, 2006)
Dear Kathy,
I've never had the pleasure, and I sure don't know how I ever missed you. I grew up in the DC area and saw and listened to Harry, Lou
and Holly Garber for about 5 or 6 years in the late 70's early 80's. In fact, and I don't know if Lou would remember me, but their soundman,
Wayne Lebeou (sp) inspired me to get into sound reinforcement, taking a course at "No evil" studios and honing skills that served me
well for a number of  years. I worked with a group called "second Story" (meagan Lane, Geof Demeres and John Previty) for a few years in
DC, then made my way to Southeast Georgia. Worked the board for nearly 15 years here, then got into the Martial Arts and now teach. I
am bringing my 15 year old son "back home" to a Redskin game this weekend, and got online to check out the music scene up there.
Thank you for a grand trip down memory lane. The Roundtable, The saloon, The Far Inn, Pour House I remember going to
Bullet games and concerts with Lou and Juan Dudley and on road trips with Harry. I was saddened to hear of Holly's passing. I see that
Teddy has a great career going (remember him as a toddler, dang!)
Anyway, I hope to hear you when I get back there,and meet you in person.
                                               All the best
                                            Frank Armani
(received December 7, 2006)
After Holly & Lou, I played with Lou as Green Lights
and then as The River, with Bobby Flurie.  These are
their Bios from our "Band" days:
Get Bobby's CD by
clicking on the link
Bobby Flurie has a blues man’s soul within a country rock
and roll spirit.  He’s a guitar man extraordinaire, and Lou and
Kathy are so happy to work with him.

Now based out of Hagerstown, Bobby was raised in the
Baltimore, Maryland area.  He’s been playing for audiences for
29 years, 22 of those while he lived in San Francisco, California.  
An all-around artist, he studied music at the Peabody
conservatory, and his travel and roadwork experience
throughout Canada and the US has showcased his work on
guitar, lead vocals, backup vocals, electric bass and
songwriting.  He’s recorded 24 albums with various artists and
also has experience as an audio technician and recording

To get an idea of just how much stage and concert work Bobby
has done, take a look at the impressive list of other artists
Bobby has either performed with on stage or been on the same
bill with:

Hoo Doo Rhythm Devils, Country Joe and the Fish, Brother and
the Holding Company, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Huey
Lewis, Eddie Money, Boz Skaggs, Clarence Clements, Charlie
Daniels, Pointer Sisters, Elvin Bishop, The Doobie Brother,
Journey, Jessie Collin Young, Van Morrison, Tom Fogerty, Steve
Miller Band, John Lee Hooker, The Greatful Dead, Neville
Brothers, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Gregg Alman, Paul
Butterfield…  the list goes on.  Wow!

He was asked to help kick off the Western Maryland Blues Fest
in June of 1999, performing with his own “The Bob Flurie
Band”, along with Kathleen McLaughlin and Tim Lawrence.  In
the last few years, when he isn’t on the road or playing locally
with “The River”, Bobby does occasional work as a sign painter.  
He’s very much your talented Renaissance Man, basically
excelling in anything he’s interested in.  

The San Francisco Examiner once said of Bobby in a review,
“…a remarkably melodic, and yet competitive, guitarist; he
sings on his strings.”  Yep.  You should hear him sing!
Lou Pfrang was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but
spent most of his childhood in Cumberland, Maryland.  He
started his musical career right out of high school, playing
in bands with Ross Firey and Harry Traynham.

In the late 70’s, very early 80’s, he formed a 6-piece, cowboy-
boots-and-cowboy-hats country band called “Brahma”.  They
played in the DC area and were the house band for Bronco
Billy’s in Georgetown.  Lou, always striving for the best
without losing the pfun, played the best Country Music on
the East Coast!

When Brahma split up, he teamed up with Holly Garber,
and musical comedy history was made!  Holly & Lou had a
following in the Metropolitan area that would travel to the
ends of the earth for them!  Often compared to The
Smothers Brothers, they perfected their novelty style,
performing all their “stupid stuff”greatest hits like “The
Mailman Song”, “The Doggie Song”, “One Ton Tomato”,
“Bathroom on the Right”, and many other classics!  “Take
Me Down to the Keys,” a favorite sing-along, can still be
heard at a Frederick Keys game during the 7th inning
stretch.  They were the dynamic duo for 11 years.   It was a
Pfun era!  (We miss you, Holly!)

Lou started performing with Ross Firey again in the early
90’s.  They called themselves “Riverbend”, named for Lou’s
place at the river, and they played area venues from Canaan
Valley to Ocean City, Maryland.  Kathy Martin started
sitting in from time to time.

Also during this time for about a year, Lou hosted his own
radio show at a small local station out of Brunswick, MD.  
WTRI-1520AM was a learning experience for Lou, and gave
him the bug to someday try his hand at serious
broadcasting.  He was known as the “Pfishin’ Musician”,
and by featuring local talent, he created the incredible
chance to meet other local musicians while giving them
their hard-earned opportunity for exposure.  
Unfortunately, the station didn’t survive.  But those who
listened to Lou’s show said that, besides being really
entertaining, it was THE BEST place to hear our local

When Ross moved on, Lou and Kathy started playing duo
jobs, slowly adding various players along the way, until Lou
came up with “The River”.  With anyone they may have
worked with, the core of Lou and Kathy was strong and
based on a lot of years together.

Lou started the LP Fishing Guide Service, and was very
successful!  Fishing was like breathing to Lou!  So with his
wife, Cathianna, and their kids, Will and Caroline, and the
other member of the family, Jerry the cat, his night work in
music, and his “day job” going fishing – Lou Pfrang
was definitely “having his cake and eating it too!”  I'm not
sure what Lou is doing right now, but music and fishing is
probably high on his priority list!
Bobby Flurie & Lou Pfrang
For anyone trying to get in touch with Ted Garber, Holly's son, here's his
Ted Garber
Mgt:  Kari Estrin Mgt., Nashville, TN
This page has pictures of the
ol' Holly & Lou days.  
Reminisce & Enjoy!
This is a recording of me
and the boys back in 1986...
Click this link to listen to
"The Ballad of Johnny and Dick"!
Hey Kathy:

I was just listening to Holly sing "Good Bye" on my only recording of the John Wells Delegation when I just found out about his passing. I
used to hear the Delegation play at Mr. Henry's and I can honestly say that in all my years of traveling and hearing music, no band has
ever moved me as much as the John Well Delegation. Back then, I would always expect that they would soon become famous and I had
better see them while you could still see them for free at Mr. Henry's. If you have any information about John Wells I'd be grateful. It's a
shame we will never have a reunion.
Thanks for the Web Page,

Lou Mandris M.D.
(received July 20, 2007)
Click this link to hear a recording of
...I used to come and listen to you, and Holly and Lou at Dunmore's Tavern in Bethesda - not sure if it is even still standing... To this day I
cannot go and listen to live music without hoping I will see a group that will compare to you guys.  No one has ever compared.  You guys
were the best.  

I still think of you all today.  I will never forget "Isn't that What Friends Are For?" and your awesome voice.  I went to a reunion of Rockville
friends up in Boulder a few years ago and the girl who was hosting the party (Nicki) had a collage hanging in a frame on the wall outside
her bathroom.  The collage had picture of you and Holly and Lou singing away at Mr. T's!  I was like HEY!!!!  HOW DO YOU KNOW
THEM???!!!  We spent the rest of the evening reminiscing about all the fun we'd had over the years enjoying your music... I still wonder
about how old Holly's boys must be by now and if either of them followed in their father's musical footsteps.  I also remember one of the
last times I saw Lou.  He had a picture of his little one sitting in an old washtub - I think he must have been only about a year old.   Where
has the time gone?!!  

Janet Peters
(excerpt, received August 3, 2007)
Dear Km,

Where do I begin?  I was going through some old record albums and came across one that brought back so many memories.  The cover
was The John Wells Delegation, along with mural types of pictures of the band members and on the back was a wild looking guitarist,
with a Halloween mask.  I believe the album was titled " One of these Days" The guy in the mask, I remember him well was Holly. ( Great,
Unbelievable guitarist )  I showed my wife the album, embedded in hundreds of old vinyls and we recalled all of the fun we had at Mr.
Heney's, on Wisconsin Ave, Washington D. C., back in the early to mid-1970's.  Mr Henry's, at that Tenleytown address, had a cosy
atmosphere and every Saturday, my wife and I would split a sandwich, called a " Breadboard"-great stuff, corn beef, swiss, pumper-nickel,
and slaw,along with 1,000 island dressing.  One night this local group came out to play.  The group consisted of John Wells, Holly
Garber, Tom Murtha and Ben Mason.  That's all it took.  We rarely miss a show and I believe that the group played a bar called the Child
Harold, in D.C. as well.

I am heading out today, to buy a turntable, ( hard to find one, these days) so I can here some the old stuff.  The first album will be the "
Delegation."  Anyway, I never attended a Holly and Lou  concert, but I think i saw both of them on the "Today" show sometime ago. ( Sorry I
miss your group performing, I think we started having kids and time became extinct.)

Now that my wife and I are empty-nesters, we have time to clean out old closets, and re-capture our great memories of yester- year.

I am sorry to here Holly passed away, his Son looks just like him.  I am glad to have seen those guys perform and feel blessed to have
obtained the old record album..  Can't wait to re-visit that music....

Russ Root - Poolesville, Maryland
(received August 26th,2007)

I was so pleased to stumble across your website--I was googling the lyrics to "Isn't That What Friends are For?" and there you were!

I was an old Holly & Lou groupie from their days at Griff's Landing in Frederick, MD, back in the 80's (I think you might have sat in a time or
two also!).  Once you heard them, you never forgot them, and they were every bit as devoted to their fans as we were to them.  I was
heartbroken to find out we'd lost Holly back in 1996 when I came home for a visit.  I consider my life all the richer for having had the
opportunity to know them and enjoy the gifts they brought to us all.   

Most sincerely,
Kelly Stephens
Salisbury, MD
(received October 11, 2007)
I've got plenty of space for any of those great pics I
KNOW you must have stashed somewhere!  Why
not share them with all the old gang!!  Scan 'em
and send 'em to me and I'll post 'em here.  Or if
you can't scan them, send me an email and I'll
give you the address to send 'em to and I
PROMISE to get them back to you!  Make sure to
send me your return address!! :)
Thomas Hollingsworth Garber
As of 10/16/07 -
For those of you asking about Lou,
I've heard through the grapevine that
he's doing well and is singing and
playing in and around  the Frederick,
MD area!  I still don't have a good
email address for him, but great to
hear he's healthy and happy!  :)  
One of my last memories of Holly was a visit to him at his house late in October of '96.  He was
not quite his lively self by then, but still managing a smile.  :)  He asked me to sing these two
songs when Lou and I were out and about... and since we're not singing together anymore, and
I'm not really singing too many songs other than my own these days, I just feel I'm really letting
him down! :(  So with Karen's kind permission, I'm posting them here, for all to listen to -- in case
you've never heard them, or in case you'd like to hear 'em again and again!  
This might still be a way for me to "sing" them for him!  :) :) :)
So here's Holly Garber!  
.....................Kathy Martin
The Connection
Holly told me the greatest story
about swimming with dolphins
down in Key West... he said that if
you EVER get the chance to do it -
DO IT.  He said it was the most
amazing experience of his life! :)
Sun & Moon
To this day, I can't wake up on a day
when the moon is still in the sky in the
morning and not think of Holly because
of this amazing song...  I will ALWAYS
think of him on those bright days.......  
Miss you, Holly!
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